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Any D.O.T Consultant Can:

  • Cover the basic requirements of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation's (FMCR's)
  • Check regulated files
  • Insure your MCS-150 is up to date
  • Insure you have proper insurance coverage

An SA Safety Services Consultant Can:

  • Cover all the items listed above
  • Review and make recommendations to internal policies & procedures and safety & compliance practices
  • Assist with preparing for a DOT audit and help upgrade a “Conditional” or “Unsatisfactory” rating
  • Help you prepare for a Loss Prevention audit from an insurance carrier
  • Assist with protecting your company in the invent of a serious injury or fatality accident

Everything you need in one simple package. We deliver everything you need, except the truck and a fresh load of fuel on board to get you running down the road.

An Excellent Introduction Safety Kit for Managing Your Trucking Company Safety:

  • Check Lists
  • Sample Policies
  • DOT Audit Information
  • & More!

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The data contained within the Safety Measurement System (CSA/SMS) Evaluation can affect your operation in many ways. Increased insurance rates, increased odds of having a DOT audit or intervention, and poor media exposure - just to name a few.

Taking time out of your busy schedules to evaluate this data can be daunting. Let S.A. Safety Services do the work for you.

What you will receive:

  • Detailed 4 page report PLUS safety summary and recommendations
  • Observations and analysis of all 7 categories within the CSA/SMS (if applicable)
  • Identity of drivers negatively impacting your scores
  • Top three violations in each category

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SA Safety DOT Compiance Kit

DOT Safety Consultants - S.A. Safety

The Professional Driver

How To Survive A DOT Roadside Inspection

Avoid Backing Accidents


Throughout the industry, DOT Interventions are happening more and more frequently. S.A. Safety Services will help you be prepared for these Interventions by performing Mock DOT Audits, completing SMS/Safer evaluations, and providing assistance with DATA Q challenges in order to keep your SMS scores in check. All files will be reviewed during a Mock Audit, including Driver Qualification Files and Vehicle Maintenance Files. Additionally, we will review policies and procedures, Drug and Alcohol Testing requirements, Accident Registers, and other relevant information.

Besides assisting your company with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, S.A. Safety Services also provides assistance with Safety Meetings, a critical part of any safety program. We can assist you and your safety manager with the meeting process, creating meetings that will not only be educational for your drivers but will also be events they will look forward to attending in the future.

We offer additional safety services as well. Do you currently have mechanics that perform in-house annual inspections on your equipment or equipment leased to your company? If so, we offer a 2-hour Annual Inspection Familiarization Course for mechanics which is designed to ensure consistency across the board. This course covers all aspects of the regulations as well as liability involved with completing the inspections. All participants receive a handbook and certificate upon completion of the class.

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ATRI Soliciting Trucking Industry Crash Cost Data for New Research

Arlington, VA – The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), the trucking industry’s not-for-profit research organization, launched a data collection initiative to create a database of motor carrier crash costs by crash type and severity. This data collection will populate ATRI research designed to enable carriers to make better informed Onboard Safety System (OSS) deployment decisions.

This request for data is targeted toward motor carriers. ATRI is also working with its insurance industry partners to complete the crash cost database.

Participating motor carriers will be asked to provide information on common crash costs such as:

  • Property Damage

  • Attorney and Court Costs

  • Towing and Recovery Costs

This research was identified as a top priority by ATRI’s Research Advisory Committee and will update a number of Onboard Safety System cost-benefit analyses that ATRI has published over the past decade.

Motor carriers interested in supporting this research initiative can access the data request form on ATRI’s website here. All submitted data will be treated as confidential information and ATRI will provide a non-disclosure agreement if requested. The research will aggregate the data and no identifiable characteristics will be reported.

"On March 9th of 2018 T.L. KUEHL went through a compliance review with the FMCSA that resulted in an UNSATISFACTORY rating. I started to review what that actually meant, and I realized that either I had to bring my safety rating back up or close my company.

I started searching the internet to find someone to help me with this as I knew I could not do this by myself. I WAS ABLE TO FIND Shawn Alexander who is with roemer insurance company. "

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“I was very skeptical about letting our insurance company send their safety guy down to talk at our summer company picnic. We’ve done that in the past and the drivers were bored and didn’t get anything out of it. Shawn actually patted them on the back in the categories they deserved it in and explained what they needed to do better in."

- Logan Graber, Boyd Operating, Inc., Washington, Indiana

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