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Shawn Alexander, President of S.A. Safety Services, LLC, is a safety management professional with over 19 years of experience. Not only does Mr. Alexander have expertise in both federal and state regulations in the transportation industry, but he is also adept in completing audits and monitoring safety compliance. Additionally, with his excellent communication, organizational, and presentation skills, Shawn can plan and lead effective safety training classes and has the ability to manage clients at a national level.

After serving in the United States Marines, Shawn's professional career began with the Indiana State Police, where he worked as a Data & Communications Operator, managing communications centers throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada. In this position, he performed driver's license and registration checks for officers and carried out criminal history checks. Later he worked as Motor Carrier Inspector in the Motor Carrier Division of the Indiana State Police. Not only did he conduct vehicle safety inspections in this position, but he also served as certified inspector for Hazardous Materials, North American Level 1, as well as Motor Coach Inspector. During this time, he was nominated for the Indiana State Police Life Saving Award for performance at a vehicle accident scene.

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Shawn Alexander:

  • Served in the United States Marines; honorably discharged from service, 1991.
  • Motor Carrier Inspector, Indiana State Police Motor Carrier Division; 5 years.
  • Safety and Recruiting Specialist National Trucking Company; 5 years.
  • Safety and Compliance Specialist; Major US Trucking Insurance Company; 10 years.
  • Certified Director of Safety (CDS) North America, Transportation Management Institute (NATMI) Currently certified.
  • Founder / President, S.A. Safety services; since 2014.

Mr. Alexander gained further professional experience as Coordinator of Vendor Quality & Compliance at Landstar Carrier Services, Inc. There he carried out periodic inspection training for vendors, ensuring compliance with federal regulations. Additionally, he performed fleet audits and random in-house audits.

Prior to founding S.A. Safety Services, LLC, Shawn was a Loss Prevention Specialist for Carolina Casualty Insurance Group, where, among many other duties, he performed accident analysis, held Inspection Training classes with shop mechanics, performed Mock DOT audits, and assisted with policy and procedure updates. As a Certified Instructor, he also held Defensive Driving Training for customers.

Among many notable accomplishments, Shawn is a Certified Director of Safety (CDS) through the North American Training Management Institute (University of Central Florida). Additionally, he is Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance Certified, CVSA Standard Level One Certified, and First Responder Certified. He earned several awards while in the military, including National Defense Service Medal and Good Conduct Medal. Professional organizations that he is a part of include the North American Training Management Institute and Ohio Trucking Association.


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"On March 9th of 2018 T.L. KUEHL went through a compliance review with the FMCSA that resulted in an UNSATISFACTORY rating. I started to review what that actually meant, and I realized that either I had to bring my safety rating back up or close my company.

I started searching the internet to find someone to help me with this as I knew I could not do this by myself. I WAS ABLE TO FIND Shawn Alexander who is with roemer insurance company. "

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