Logan Graber, Boyd Operating, Inc., Washington, Indiana

“I was very skeptical about letting our insurance company send their safety guy down to talk at our summer company picnic. We’ve done that in the past and the drivers were bored and didn’t get anything out of it. Shawn actually patted them on the back in the categories they deserved it in and explained what they needed to do better in.

Shawn was realistic and applied the CSA data in a way that was relevant to the drivers. IT really seemed to make them stop and think about how one individual can affect the whole group. Shawn was able to keep their attention very well. I would highly recommend Shawn to anyone."


Mozingo Trucking

“Thank you so much for working with our company to improve our rating. It was done in a timely manner and we are now up to compliance. We greatly appreciate you."


At S.A. Safety Services, we value our clients input.

Shawn Alexander, President of S.A. Safety Services prides himself on his ability to work with clients and make effective plans regarding safety compliance.

Above are a few testimonials about what his clients said about their services.


Ken Rushing, Johnstone Supply, Eastern MI and Toledo Group.

"Earlier this year our company expanded from Eastern Michigan into Ohio. Shortly after that happened, we were notified by the DOT that we were required to have an audit of our trucks and records. Of course we were not given much notice before the inspection so the management team agreed that we needed a consultant in this field. In my search I came across a website for S.A. Safety Services, LLC in Indiana and started to review the information, experience and what they offered as a consulting company.

It appeared that this was what we were looking for so I contacted S.A. Safety Services, LLC and talked to Shawn Alexander. Shawn was very knowledgeable and very familiar with DOT Inspections even for a small fleet like ours. I set up a meeting with Shawn and our management team at our location in Orion Michigan the following week. Shawn brought with him a lot of helpful information and guided our team through the process of what we needed to have available and in what order to have our files set up.

Shawn also guided our team when writing work instructions and check sheets. When it came time for our audit we felt like we had been through one already with Shawn’s training. Our team did a great job with the audit because they were trained by an expert in the field. I recommend Shawn Alexander as a very knowledgeable and professional consultant in the trucking industry."