Loss Prevention

Loss Prevention is an essential part of any trucking company’s safety program. S.A. Safety Services has the experience to assist your company with developing a solid Loss Prevention Program. We can complete an analysis of your existing policies and procedures or create them for you altogether. Additionally, we can review your driver handbook or assist you in developing one. We can also perform a complete Accident Analysis of your current/previous losses to determine the root causes, which is a critical part of Loss Prevention rarely completed by carriers. We also provide assistance with Insurance Loss Prevention audits when needed.

Truck and Equipment Loss Prevention & Safety Services

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  • Comprehensive Review and Analysis of safety and compliance practices
  • Internal policies and procedures, study and analysis
  • Examine, analyze training practices and procedures
  • Review to reduce CSA/SMS scoring
  • Review of ISS (Inspection Selection System) scores
  • Review and conduct Root Cause Analysis of accidents
  • Full summary report including recommendations

A Whole Greater than Its’ Sum: An Enterprise Approach to Loss Prevention

At the heart of any trucking fleet operation’s business continuity effort is Loss Prevention. An essential element of any trucking enterprise’s overall safety compliance and profitability, an effective Loss Prevention program can not only help contain costs across a number of fronts, but support the kind of operational excellence and safety your partners, customers, regulators and the public expect.

SA Safety Services Trucking Loss Prevention Program Development provides a focused, custom consultancy framed as a packaged service to identify the best practices you need to create a better-performing, more transparent and effective Loss Prevention program for your fleet.

SA Safety Service Trucking Loss Prevention Program consultants offer years of practical experience developing effective Loss Prevention programs for some of the industry’s most prominent leaders. Starting with a comprehensive audit and review of existing programs and SOPs, SA Safety Services completes an analysis of your company’s existing program, or if absent altogether, analyzes operations, assets and facilities to create a tailored solution.

Institutional Insight Wanted: Enquire Within

Regardless, effective Loss Prevention program development focuses on gaining insight from all critical stakeholders and adding that organizational “wisdom” into the mix. To get a clear picture SA Safety Services reviews internal policies and procedures, analyzing pertinent safety data including CSA/SMS and ISS scores. Accident history is studied, compliance performance is reviewed and driver and maintenance crew training is examined to reveal trends and correlations to operations and their association to loss and loss prevention.

Our programs can help launch a sustainable, cost effective Loss Prevention strategy that covers both the big picture and addresses sore points. CSA/SMS Scores to high? SA will show you how to reduce them programmatically. Need a driver handbook that speaks to your employees and drives best practice Loss Prevention policies into your organization? SA has written effective policy for years.

Accident rates rising? To get to the bottom of the trend we’ll complete a comprehensive Accident Analysis of your current/previous losses; often a critical part of Loss Prevention rarely completed by carriers. This exercise alone can determine root causes and reveal real solutions. We also provide assistance with Insurance Loss Prevention audits when needed.

Overall, SA Safety Services Trucking Loss Prevention Program Development will deliver a comprehensive plan along with a summary and review of SA’s analysis and findings. The analysis and resulting report is intended to guide the company in managing loss and its costs, help integrate and align all aspects of the organization with operations, and ultimately, create a Loss Prevention program well-equipped to do its job.