Mock DOT Audits

Vehicle inspections aren’t just good sense – they are required. Drivers need to know what to check for and how to identify defects, who to report a problem to, and how and when to submit the required documentation.

DOT Compliance Mock Audit Information

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  • Provides the checks and balances to insure audit compliance
  • Prepares drivers for both focused and comprehensive audits
  • Review Driver Qualification files
  • Review Vehicle Maintenance files
  • Review CSA/SMS Scores
  • Full summary report including recommendations

You Can’t Fix What You Don’t Know is Broken

Regulators are under increasing pressure to assure compliance and knowing what to expect from your next DOT vehicle inspection is more critical than ever. Continuing the safe, compliant and cost-effective operation of your vehicle or fleet is an imperative no one in the industry can ignore and being ready to successfully weather an audit from the DOT these days increasingly requires a comprehensive and proactive approach.

Although the way you collect data and document safety metrics are likely providing “adequate” information to assure compliance, it may not be enough. SOPs and recording systems have limits to their effectiveness over time and may not be performing the way they can or should to ensure compliance and ultimately the safety of you, other drivers, and the vehicles you operate. The goal here is to gain a clearer picture of your compliance and audit “profile” and provide you the assistance you need to be more than prepared for the inevitable day the DOT walks up to take a close look at your rig.

Equip Yourself with Decades of Insight

SA Safety Services Mock DOT Audit Review offering provides the checks and balances needed to insure you ace your DOT inspections every time, prepared for either a comprehensive or focused DOT audit when the time comes. Equipped with insight from decades of aligning safety and compliance with cost control and cost-effective vehicle operations, our experts carefully review your technology, procedures, processes and experience to highlight what’s working and what might work harder to help make your next DOT inspection more positive and productive, less reactive and ultimately more routine and successful.

SA Safety Services Mock DOT Audit Review provides a focused, custom consultancy designed to familiarize you with the DOT Audit Checklist, identify the best practices you need to create better DOT audit outcomes. All filings are reviewed; including Driver Qualification and Vehicle Maintenance files as well as your CSA/SMS Scores. Our analyses then works to identify gaps and any other issues that may impact compliance or compromise safety.

Our review and its insights are presented in a Summary Report that highlights the strengths and weaknesses associated with your particular audit preparedness as well as all recommended corrections and proposed enhancements to insure the best DOT audit outcomes and compliance track record.