Phone Consultations

Are you concerned about the cost of DOT Consultant? Phone Consultations are another option we offer, especially for those concerned with travel expenses and initial consulting costs. This is also an excellent option for those carriers located outside of the Midwestern part of the U.S.

On-Call, On-Demand Transportation and Trucking Safety Consultancy

Timely, Practical Trucking Safety and Compliance Counseling – Call Today!

  • Focused, compact review of safety scores
  • CSA/SMS score analysis and reduction
  • Focused regulatory question review and support
  • Affordable alternative to face-to-face meetings, travel
  • Full summary report including recommendations

Effective trucking vehicle regulatory compliance has many drivers and one of them is cost. Staying ahead of regulators can be a full-time job, but putting an expert on the team is an ongoing cost few companies can bear. For many small to mid-size firms there are few choices; but with the price of hiring expert opinion high and getting higher, lifting your compliance game cost effectively can be tough when budgets don’t have room to bring consultants on site.

To help overcome the cost issues and create pathway to expert compliance support, SA Safety Services offers compliance consulting services and advice over the phone. The “virtual” consultancy is designed to be the convenient “go-to” fleet managers and operations leadership need sustaining effective compliance programs and ongoing response to regulators.

Not all issues come from the macro level and often there is a particular sore point that to fix it all is required is a focused call with our expert to help clear up. SA Safety Services Phone Consultation is an affordable option worth considering. Our phone consultation clients can access individual phone consultations for set price, including review and reduction of CSA/CMS scores, preliminary Loss Prevention guidance, new or existing regulation and compliance strategy and more.

The dialogue, findings and recommendations from each phone consultation session is captured and returned in the form of a comprehensive report ready for business and compliance planning. Expert compliance support is now only a convenient affordable phone call away.