DOT Compliance Start-up Kit


Be ready for your New Entrant Audit

As part of its “New Entrant Safety Assurance Program” the FMCSA will subject every newly licensed carrier to a New Entrant Audit within the first 12 months of operation. Do not be caught unprepared for something you know is coming. The FMCSA will be looking to confirm that you are operating safely and maintaining up-to-date records.

Everything You Need to Get Compliant - Instant Download

  • Simple easy to use forms. We provide everything you need to be fully compliant and ready for the FMCSA New Entrant Audit. With plain language and clear instructions we make the process of setting up your compliance program as straightforward as possible.
  • Check List for Driver and Maintenance Files to be sure you are compliant. These checklists make the process simple for you.
  • Policies included. If you adopt the recommended policies, you are halfway home. Follow the checklist; establish and follow the policies; and you will pass your audit with flying colors.

Everything you need in one simple package! We deliver everything you need, except the truck and a fresh load of fuel on board to get you running down the road. Get compliant. Stay compliant. Purchase the DOT Kit Today!

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Everything You Need to Get Compliant - Over 50 Pages!

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  • New Entrant Safety Audit Information
  • Certificate of Compliance Statement
  • DOT Accident Register (Sample)
  • Orientation Program Checklist
  • Driver Qualification File Checklist
  • Commercial Driver Application
  • Safety Performance History Records Request
  • Motor Vehicle Driver’s Certificate of Violations
  • Medical Examiner Report
  • Medical Examiner Certificate
  • Safety Handbook (Sample)
  • FMCSR Handbook Ordering Information with Links
  • DVIR Guidance
  • Driver Qualification File Record Retention Requirements
  • Vehicle Maintenance File Checklist
  • Vehicle Maintenance File Record Retention Requirements
  • Driver Violation Disciplinary Policy (Sample)
  • Roadside Inspection Driver Disciplinary Policy (Sample)
  • Unauthorized Passenger Policy (Sample)
  • Drug and Alcohol Policy (Sample)
  • Seatbelt Usage Policy (Sample)
  • Drug and Alcohol Brochure
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